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Hello Henniker Trail Travelers and visiting website guests!

Meeting at Mile Away on March 7th at 7 p.m

If you would like to join or rejoin the club, please print out the form on this website
and mail it to our club secretary with your check.

Some of the speed limits have changed this year and where mentioned at the Trail Masters meeting last month. Here is the new limits: 10 mph within 10 ft of bob houses,20 mph on a 1-6 class road, 10 mph at Trail Junctions or Parking Lots, 20 mph on Plowed Roads were approved,
35 mph at Trail Connectors and 45 mph on the Trails.

Hope everyone stays safe on the trails this coming season!

Intervale Pancake House on Rt. 114 in Henniker has membership cards available on the spot for anyone who would like to get them quickly. They are open from 5:30 a.m. to noon 7 days a week.

HTT OFFICERS for 2013-14
Raymond Penetta, President
Bob French, Vice President
Tom McQuesten,Trail Masters 
Mike Gagnon, Trail Master Assistant
Ursula Dubreuil, Club Secretary
Gary Guzouskas, Treasurer
Varyl French, Trail Administer